In 2000, I was living a happy go lucky life and taking more or less alot for granted.  We had just

moved to Moncton NB because I had been offered a very promissing employment with a major

company and so we decided to leave our home and relocate.

I loved my new job!  I was learning fast and up for a promotion in the month of August!  But, some

things were not meant to be............on July 12th 2000, 4 days after my birthday, I had a car

accident.  With me in our car was our 2 year old daughter.

As you all know, it is said to find good in the bad. And, if you try hard enough, you can.  Out of

our bad, the accident renderring me no longer able to work,  was the good that our beautiful daughter

escaped without being harmed.


So, one would say that I should have been happy even though I had a major life

change.  Do not get me wrong, I felt that we were blessed knowing that our daughter would not start

out life with sorrow. But, having then been announced by medical doctors that my life would no

longer be as it once was, I became very depressed.  When my children would go off to school and my

husband off to work, I would be alone in bed and YES wallow in my sorrow! 


Christmas coming around, my husband wished to give me something very special. Something that

would lift my spirits, make me smile again.  So, after much consideration and searching, he

found what he thought the perfect gift!  A beautiful male Yorkshire Terrier puppy!!!

What my husband would not know at the time was that he had not only offered me a cute gift, but

he had found for me my soul mate and a reason to want to live Whiskey!


Some say that animals can sense our needs, comprehend beyond what many would say is possible.

I am hear to say that it is not a myth, but in fact an incredible truth!

My beautiful new puppy was from the beginning such a smart boy!  He house trained very fast and

was obedient to the tea!  But, Whiskey was soon to proove so much more!


My husband would go off to work, my children to school, and I would be alone with my puppy.

I had a lot of complications medically that I will not go into, but Whiskey knew more then anyone

else exactly what I needed.  I would be in bed with Whiskey and all of a sudden he would cry,

wanting to be let out.  So, I would get up, go with him to the door, let him out and.........he would

scratch immediately at the door and want back in! Ok, so let him in, make it back to bed and he

would cuddle up with me for about 30-45 min then all over again!  I would mumble and complain,

get back up and go only for him to turn around and want in! Hum.....funny right?


Well, Whiskey knew more then anyone what I needed!  He wanted me to move, to exercise slowly.

He would run and get a toy, get up on my bed and bug me to the point where I would grab the toy

and throw it! He would bounce after it, retreive and come back and start all over.  My days would

be monopolised by Whiskey's antics! But, without realising, I was feeling better.  I was able to

move again, my migraines were under better control, my body parts were more mobile.

But most of all, my love for life was returning!  I would smile more often, even on the bad days!

When I needed rest, Whiskey would roll up beside me and be a little angel!  If I was sad, Whiskey

would kiss away my tears.  When I needed cheering up, Whiskey would make me laugh.  I could

depend on Whiskey 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days in the year to take

me as I am and love me without demanding more then to be loved back. 


My love for Yorkshire Terriers was born.......


With everything that I had come to know,  was my desire to provide to deserving homes these

beautiful creatures! So, I started studying the breed with the assistance of some very good

Yorkshire Terriers Breeder friends. I started off slowly, learning as I went along.

And so, the birth of .....


Shan's Yorkie Haven


Since my Whiskey, we have added Brandy the Queen of the roost, Moka our tiny Princess, Pourie

(which means SPOILED ROTTEN) who wears her name well, Zookie our Tiny Stud, Haley the Beaut

of them all, Chantel our shy girl, Okoa our tender loving one, Micco our Teeny Stud and finally

Sayrah our Texan star!


Here they grace us with their presence, fill our home with their love and joy, make us complete.


So, as you see, one can find good out of bad, joy out of sorrow, life after loss.  I have. And,

I would not change a thing!


Thank-you my darling Whiskey.  To you I owe so much......






ęShan's Yorkie Haven