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In In my a Yorkie tree, One that carries treasures...that are very special to me. 

If you are lucky...and one day pass by, You may be graced...with one to share your life. 

But please do remember...although blooming year round, Will only bare fruit...when the magical family found.

So feel free to come and visit...and share about yourself to me, 

And perhaps I will shake it's branches....and make you part of my Yorkie Furbaby Family....






Welcome to Shan's Yorkie Haven!!!  PROUD BREEDER of healthy well balanced Yorkshire Terriers making us proud in the SHOW RING!!






















(Shanash Reg. Kennels)



Welcome to my new website and my prides and joys, My Yorkies!

Here you will meet my beautiful Girls and Boys that grace us with

their presence in our home.

They are part of our family and cherished deeply.


You will be able to follow the upcoming litters and beautiful pups

whelped here in our home.


We will share with you all our success and joy in the show ring

with our dogs.


For those of you that have had the chance to own a Yorkshire Terrier,

 you already know the Love that one shares with these beautiful



For those of you that have not yet heard the pitter patter of their

4 paws across your floors, perhaps one day you will find the

perfect Yorkie for your home and share in this beautiful experience!


If you are looking to add a new member to your family,

perhaps we may have a puppy for you!

Browse through our site and have a peek!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

I can assist with your questions and concerns.

Yorkies have excellent qualities and of course like any breed,

concerns that you need to be aware of.

I can provide excellent references and also information you will

need in making an informed decision.


Here, Yorkies are very important to us. 

 I have dedicated my life to this wonderful breed and want only

 the best for each and every puppy/dog born and raised here.


Welcome, and now your adventure begins at



Puppy kisses, Shan








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